Welcome To Zhejiang Linzda Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Linzda Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, Taizhou, the mold capital of China. Located in the distribution center of the electric vehicle industry, it has superior geographic conditions and broad market resources. The company strives to build the production and sales of "Linzda" micro electric vehicles. Now it has branches such as mold workshop, frame factory, plastic parts factory, motor factory, painting factory, R&D center, energy management center and a group of engineering design and management personnel. It has a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many automobile scientific research units and testing institutions.

Every new energy electric vehicle of Linzda has its own design patent.

Every new energy electric vehicle of Linzda takes both comfort and safety into consideration.

Linzda's efforts make the demand more objective: professional maintenance and private customized services make you feel at ease to use; pay attention to value-added feedback, let users become the company's senior consultants.

For the future, Linzda has a very clear idea, which is to fly together to realize the Internet of Vehicles. Industrialization of electrified power transmission assists intelligent range extension to ensure users' unique driving pleasure.